Now Forming -- a Gourmet Group Interested in Food, Cooking and Dining

Will meet bimonthly rotating responsibilities for menu and venue.

When it is your turn, plan a menu and give out assignments or recipes, or plan a field trip to a great new restaurant or hire a chef for a cooking class. It’s up to you.

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New HAA Shared Interest Group for “First Generation” Harvard graduates

Are you the first generation of your family to attend a four year American university?  If so First generation Harvard Alumni is for you!  Founded in 2011, this new shared interest group of the Harvard Alumni Association consists of alumni/ae who are the first members of the families to attend college and who seek to create a network among themselves for the primary purpose of supporting current “First Generation” students.   Among the programs First Generation will be engaging in will be a mentoring program for undergraduates that will launch in the fall of 2012.  Should you be interested in getting involved or learning more, contact Kevin Jennings ’85 at

New Interest Groups

Many of our members have expressed interest in participating in special interest groups where alumni with similar interests (in the arts, current events, culinary pursuits or any number of other categories) can get to know each other and share some of the kinds of valuable interactions we all enjoyed in college.  If you would be willing to help lead a special interest group or want more information, please let club President Bill McKinney know at