Korean Barbecue Dinner at BullPan

Our first food & wine outing of the year, at a first-in-our area venue in Stamford

On Wednesday, October 27th, the club will take its first food & wine outing of 2021-2022 to the Korean barbecue hotspot BullPan in Stamford.  Korean barbecue consists of grilling finely-sliced cuts of meat at one's table, and enjoying the finished product with a wide variety of seasoned and spiced vegetables (known in Korean as "ban-chan"). The origins of Korean Cuisine date back to the Three Kingdoms period which began in 57 B.C.  Over thousands of years, this cuisine has evolved into one of the most diverse and flavorful gastronomic experiences in the world. One of the hallmark traits of Korean barbecue is the grilling of special, seasoned meats at each table.  Those who attend will enjoy soy-garlic chicken wings, savory stir-fried noodles, and several types of amazing barbecue, including marinated short rib, prime ribeye, and A5 Wagyu beef.   We hope you can join us for this special cultural culinary experience.

The cost of the event (which includes food, dessert, soft drinks, tax, and gratuity) is $63 for members and $73 for non members. Wine and cocktails will be available, and will be billed separately to each table.  

The BullPan

485 Summer Street, Stamford

October 27, 6-9 PM