file0016    JFK's Secret Dr. Hans Kraus

Local biographer Susan E.B. Schwartz will present the fascinating life story of JFK's  secret doctor.

In the second event in the HCFC's local author series, Susan E.B. Schwartz, aka Susan Schaller will narrate the life story of Dr. Hans Kraus.  Born in Trieste to wealthy parents of Jewish descent,  Dr. Kraus was a daring, expert rock climber and a renown orthopedic surgeon.  After he and his family fled Europe for New York to escape Nazi persecution, he joined the orthopedic team at Columbia Presbyterian hospital where he pioneered the fields of sports and rehabilitative medicine.  Using exercise to treat sports injuries. he became renown for getting athletes back to competition in no time.  He applied the same approach to cure those who suffered with chronic back pain that other doctors had failed to  relieve. Eventually, Hans traveled  to the White House to secretly treat the President, JFK. 

Susan E.B. Schwartz, Susan Schaller is a Harvard College alumna and avid rock climber. She is a leading adventure writer and her articles have appeared in Climbing, Rock and Ice, Runner's World, and Outside. She has appeared on Emmy Talk shows and NPR and has been interviewed by the Boston Globe and the New York Times.  Her book JFK's Secret Doctor: The Remarkable Life of Medical Pioneer and Legendary Rock Climber Hans Kraus was shortlisted at the Banff Book Festival and is now required reading at Stamford Hospital's Center for Integrative Medicine.  Her book is available on Amazon for those who would like to read it before the event.

Wednesday, December 16

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

A Zoom event.  Tickets are free, but please register so that we can send the link the morning of the event.