HCFC Food Drive

Join local alumni as we collect items needed by local food pantries.  

This is an extraordinary year for food pantries in Fairfield County.  The economic effects of the pandemic and shutdown have created a desperate shortage of supplies for the upcoming holiday season and likely beyond.

The Harvard Club of Fairfield County is responding to this need by conducting our first-ever food drive, on November 14 and 15.  We will be taking donations at local collection points in each town, and delivering them to various food banks and shelters throughout the county.  We will be making focused solicitations for the items most in need in each place.

This is our anchor event for the fall half of the club year, and we are counting on everyone's help, in two ways:

1 -  We need town captains to reach out to local food banks to determine the items that are most needed, and to make (contactless) drop-off points available at their houses on the day of the drive.

2 - We need donations.  You can donate by going to the home of one of the town captains on November 14 and 15, where there will be contactless dropoff.  Before that date, we will circulate a list of the dropoff points and of the most in-need items. 


Please note that for privacy reasons, dropoff point locations will be distributed only to those who register in advance.

Collection Time: November 14 & 15,  9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Collection Location: See club emails for details.