Korean Barbecue Dinner at BullPan

Our first food & wine outing of the year, at a first-in-our area venue in Stamford

On Wednesday, September 26th, the club will take its first food & wine outing of 2018-19, to chic new Korean barbecue hotspot BullPan in Stamford.  Korean barbecue consists of grilling finely-sliced cuts of meat at one's table, and enjoying the finished product with a wide variety of seasoned and spiced vegetables (known in Korean as "ban-chan").

Our host for the evening will be Chef Yeong Gon Kim, who has built a following and reputation among the specialized Korean restaurants in Flushing.  In coming to Stamford, he has fulfilled a joint vision with Paul Ma, the owner of BullPan, to launch the first Korean barbecue restaurant in Fairfield County.  Chef Kim will provide a special demonstration of his culinary skills by trimming a select cut of 30-day dry-aged beef and serving it at each table for grilling.  In addition to four cuts of the beef, we will enjoy pan-fried glass noodles, soy garlic chicken wings, and kimchi fries, a novel Asian fusion dish topped with sliced ribeye and spicy, pickled cabbage.


The cost of the event is $65 for HCFC members and their guests, and $80 for non-members, which includes food, dessert, soft drinks, tax, and gratuity.  Wine and cocktails will be available, and will be billed separately to each table.  Registration must be received by September 18th.