satellite-pictureSpy Satellites in Archeology

Harvard Professor Jason Ur, a leader in using declassified spy satellite images to locate and explore archeological sites, will talk with us about his work, over dinner at the Sheraton Stamford on Thursday, October 19.

Jason Ur is Professor of Anthropology and the Director of Harvard's Center for Geographic Analysis.  He specializes in early urbanism, and the use of remote sensing, particularly declassified U.S. intelligence imagery, to aid in archeological work.  He will be visiting us shortly after returning from extended field work in Iraq, where he directs Harvard's first archeological venture in that country since the 1930s - an ongoing survey near the Kurdish city of Irbil, over an area larger than Fairfield County.   His exploration of this area with the aid of satellite imagery has uncovered hundreds of previously unknown and unexamined locations of ancient cities, canals, and roads, and set a decades-long archeological agenda for a dense and important area of early settlement that had long been inaccessible to academia.  We look forward to discussing his insights, and your questions and comments, in an interactive evening.

The price of the event is $45 for HCFC members and their guests, and $57 for non-members, including dinner and validated parking in the hotel garage.  Cash bar.  Coktails begining at 6 pm, with dinner and Professor Ur's remarks following at 7 pm.